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Glia in Health & Disease
July 19 – 23, 2012

Glial Biology: Functional Interactions among Glia & Neurons

March 3-8, 2013

Neural Development

August 12-17, 2012


Developmental and Molecular Neurobiology
Neurobiology 211
Lisa Goodrich, Bob Datta, Michela Fagiolini, Chenghua Gu, Pascal Kaeser, Josh Kaplan, Maria Lehtinen, and Beth Stevens – Spring 2015
This course provides an integrated overview of the molecular and cellular events that create the nervous system and enable its function throughout life. We will start with a general introduction to the molecular tools and model systems used to study nervous system development and function.  Lectures will then track from early stages of development to the formation of mature, functional circuits.
 Course syllabus and further details here.

Neuro-immunology in development, regeneration and disease
Immunology 305qc.
Beth Stevens and Clifford Woolf – Quarter course (Spring term). Th., 5–7
This course will investigate current topics in neuro-immunology: CNS development, chronic pain, neuro-degeneration, aging, axon regeneration, auto-immunity and infection. We will focus our discussions on molecular mechanisms shared by the immune and nervous systems and the molecular cross-talk between these two systems. Each class will cover a specific topic in neuro-immunology. Students should be prepared to lead discussions on pre-selected papers for each session. 
Course syllabus and further details here. 


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