25th Anniversary of Immunity!


In April 2019, the Stevens lab was featured on the front cover of the 25th anniversary editionĀ  of Immunity. Immunity also created what they call the “Immunity Community”, a resource to foster connections within the immunology community.

To read the special anniversary issue, click here.

To visit the Immunity Community website, click here.


Cure Alzheimer’s Fund honored at Boston Red Sox Game

On June 25th, the Boston Red Sox honored the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. Several individuals, including co-chairmen and co-founders of Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, Henry McCance and Jeff Morby, and researchers including Dr. Beth Stevens, and Dr. David Holtzman were honored on field before the game, with Dr. David Holtzman throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. The Red Sox went on to beat the Chicago White Sox 6-3.